Cataclysm version: Link
1.x Branch no longer in development.

Known bugs:
Elemental Oath double-dips
Formulas for spells are improperly calculated, resulting in somewhat off numbers

Current version:
Download: Elemental.exe
Source (VS2008 Project):
Contact: See 'About' screen.

Data files with some starter data:
If you'd like to contribute your data files to the starter data, email me the above files to the address listed in the About box.

ChangeLog: (Never released/Merged into 2.x branch)
  • Error control
  • Allow multiple Heroism/Bloodlust runs

  • Made Flame Shock DoT always crit.
  • Removed Glyph of Flame Shock. (May readd it with new effect)
  • Updated Flame Shock DoT time to be affected by haste.

  • Fix item importing from Wowhead.

  • Remove Elemental Oath proc information, routines, and variables.

  • Adjust Shamanism values for 3.3 patch

  • Separate instant cast and precasting latency
  • Some UI reorganization

  • Show dead time in model run
  • Change end-of-fight overage to use LB cast time, and not latency (Work-around for current version: set latency > 0)
  • Error control on item import
  • Fix Gem socket not showing on load when item has Eternal Belt Buckle
  • Fix Gem socket on Mainhand item

  • Error control on data directory creation
  • Error control on data loading
  • Disallow spell casting to breach fight length in model run
  • Fix item import to slot 20 for chestpieces
  • Fix really braindead glyph import error & add Glyph of FS import
  • Ignored gear on load will now output a message in the Results tab

  • Fix excess crit on Flame Shock and Lava Burst
  • Add 3.2.2's Glyph of Flame Shock changes
  • Add CC damage bonus to FS DoT's (sim)

  • Remove needless loops from model and tenbox parse
  • Remove old debug function
  • Add Totem of Electrifying Wind and Thunderfall Totem
  • Fix combobox not refreshing when deleting gear in the editor

  • Add slot selection box to gear editor
  • Clean up some reused code
  • Fix latency option not saving
  • Cast times rounded to second decimal place
  • Fix Haste calclation

  • Execute spells in model run only once
  • Fix LO proccing 1% less than intended in sim runs
  • Fix crash with Offhand Enchant window
  • Fix "Save Set" button creating mutliple instances of a set in the Set combo box
  • Fix typo when deleting enchants causing the enchants to write to another file
  • Fix incorrect default value for Glyph of LB causing extremely high DPS
  • Change FightLength var from Int to Dec
  • Merge ToW SP into SP field
  • Remove extra SP, Hit, and Haste value fields
  • Dirty sanity check on functions running when gear is selected

  • Glyph of LB stacks additively with Concussion, not multiplicatively
  • Recalc spells to be correct, hopefully. (CSD applied to base crit percent. Crit mods applied to crit bonus damage, not total damage.)
  • Fix Chain Lightning damage not outputting in Simulation runs.
  • Allow off color gems in sockets

  • Update glyph selection properly when doing an import
  • Fixed Totem of the Void spellpower addition

  • Fix cross-thread element access on Importing
  • Handle armory failures more gracefully

  • Added Flame Shock DoT modeling
  • Added Glyph importing
  • Changed cheapHack for Armory import to not import non-Elemental talents
  • Don't let users "Import" if Name and Realm are empty
  • Be more forgiving of old character data files