Alrighty then! This is my thanks to people I love..not neccessarily who helped with this page but just who have influenced me in life... (this is in NO order of importance) I would like to thank Katy for helping me keep my head on straight, Chris for making me feel sexy (even though I'm not:P), Erica for being a good friend even when I didn't deserve her, John for loving me when no one else does, Dena for tolerating mine and John's relationship even though you don't have to, Mike for everything (you have put me through emotional hell lil boi and I have a feeling you're not done yet..but you're one of the best friends I could ask for...when yer sober :P), Kevin for teaching me(or at least trying to teach) the finer points of skateboarding, Scott for showing me people on line CAN be psycho and to be more careful about meeting them, Liam for being tolerant and helpful (your time means alot), Josh for being one of the best friends I ever had who puts me in my place when I need it (I miss you and I'm sorry), Stephan for the roses, OHOH! Rob for helping me with this page and taking me in, and helping me become a better person (you have no idea what you mean to me), Paul who also helped me with this page, Bobbert and Chason for the sushi, Jayme for sharing the single most moving experience in my life and not showing any emotion what so ever as well as being one of the few people who can truely make me regret having done something, Pawlery...what can I are truely one of the best people ever put on this are very special to me and everyone else who meets you, Mom...for being the kind of woman I hope I can become (now that dad's gone you rawk!), Dad..without your crap...I wouldn't be the person I am, Matthew...aaahhh my little piece of chopped liver...Thanks for the MickyD's (not everyone would drive 2 hours round trip to being an ailing friend McDonald's), John for helping me move (again, and again, and again) and for being an awesome friend, Christian for the late night Steak n Shake runs and listening to me whine, Charlie for letting me crash, Micah, Kelly, and Scott for helping me make it in this was a real bitch before I met you all, and everyone else I can't think of off the top of my head..I'll add you guys later.

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MissE 2005